Hendri Wigunah

Hendri Wigunah

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Who is Maven? Seattle-based media company under microscope after Sports Illustrated layoffs – GeekWire

Maven CEO James Heckman. Facing protests against its plans to cut staff at Sports Illustrated, Seattle-based media startup Maven defended what it called efforts at “revitalizing and strengthening” the publication. The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that 40 employees, or 20 percent of the workforce, were being cut from the iconic sports publication and that… Continue reading

Secretive robotic farming startup led by Islion founder raises $8.9M from Ignition and Bolt – GeekWire

Paul Mikesell (LinkedIn Photo) More details are emerging about a secretive Seattle startup led by Paul Mikesell, a University of Washington trained computer scientist who co-founded storage giant Isilon Systems in 2001. The company, called Maka Autonomous Robots (Maka-ARS), just closed a $8.9 million investment round from Seattle-area firm Ignition Partners and San Francisco-based Bolt. In… Continue reading

Voyager Capital adds new partner in Canada; Nick Hughes embarks on Founders Live world tour – GeekWire

Meredith Powell. — Voyager Capital has hired Meredith Powell as its dedicated Canadian venture partner, a new position the Pacific Northwest venture capital firm just created. Powell is a long-time entrepreneur, investor, and board member who previously founded two companies. She focuses on marketplace businesses, B2B startups, fintech, artificial intelligence, and consumer packaged goods. “British… Continue reading

How the right distribution strategy can save your company – GeekWire

Jim Huffman, author of The Growth Marketer’s Playbook. After mentoring startup founders through Techstars and teaching growth marketing at General Assembly, I saw founders making the same mistakes around growth. I know these mistakes very well because I have made them myself as a startup founder and as the lone “growth guy” at various startups…. Continue reading