Hendri Wigunah

Hendri Wigunah

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VCs are just tired – TechCrunch

I was in SF last week and met with more than a dozen VCs over the course of two days. This was post the holidays, post their visits to the ski chalets in Tahoe and the island beaches, and in the smack dab of one of the most important fundraise periods of the year —… Continue reading

Transforming #MeToo into the industry’s first investor clause – TechCrunch

Elizabeth Gore Contributor Elizabeth Gore is co-founder and president of Alice, a free multi-channel platform powered by AI technology that guides business owners by providing access to funding, networks and services. More posts by this contributor What do you call a ‘non-entrepreneur? Cuba’s best hackers 3 industries being disrupted in developing countries “Keep your head… Continue reading

Deciding how much equity to give your key employees – TechCrunch

Lewis Hower connects Silicon Valley Bank and VC/startup communities as a Managing Director with SVB Startup Banking. More posts by this contributor Manage your angel investors, or they’ll manage you Anu Shukla had found the perfect VP of Engineering to help her build her latest startup, a company called RewardsPay. By that point, she had… Continue reading