Hendri Wigunah

Hendri Wigunah

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98point6 raises $43M from Goldman Sachs, Costco co-founder, others to expand virtual healthcare tech – GeekWire

(98point6 Image) Seattle startup 98point6 just raised $43 million to help increase capacity for its virtual healthcare technology amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Patient volume has increased 200% since January, the company said, and 40% of patient visits have been COVID-19 related over the past three months. The fresh cash will help 98point6 increase its physician… Continue reading

4 advantages and 1 annoying thing I learned – GeekWire

Aaron Goldfeder. My startups seem to be timed with market collapses and Silicon Valley venture capital firm Sequoia sharing some kind of “end of days” message. Last time it was the Great Recession and the classic “RIP Good Times” Sequoia deck complete with a heartwarming image of a knife in a slaughtered pig. In May… Continue reading