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Hendri Wigunah

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Why each Libra member’s mutiny hurts Facebook – TechCrunch

There’s a strategic cost to the defection of Visa, Stripe, eBay, and more from the Facebook-led cryptocurrency Libra Association. They’re not just names dropping off a list. Each potentially made Libra more useful, ubiquitous, or reputable. Now they could become obstacles to the token’s launch or growth. Fearing regulators’ inquiries not just into their Libra… Continue reading

YC grad Revel’s plan to connect women over 50 – TechCrunch

Hello and welcome back to Startups Weekly, a weekend newsletter that dives into the week’s noteworthy news pertaining to startups and venture capital. Before I jump into today’s topic, let’s catch up a bit. I’ve been on a bit of a startup profile kick as of late. Last week, I was tired from Disrupt. Before… Continue reading

The budding industry of cannabis tech – TechCrunch

Brian Kateman Contributor More posts by this contributor Ethical fashion is on the rise Fish replacement may be the next big wave in alternative protein development From food and drink to health and wellness and beyond, there’s one plant we can’t seem to get enough of: cannabis. It seems like every consumer product nowadays is… Continue reading

Who is Maven? Seattle-based media company under microscope after Sports Illustrated layoffs – GeekWire

Maven CEO James Heckman. Facing protests against its plans to cut staff at Sports Illustrated, Seattle-based media startup Maven defended what it called efforts at “revitalizing and strengthening” the publication. The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that 40 employees, or 20 percent of the workforce, were being cut from the iconic sports publication and that… Continue reading