Hendri Wigunah

Hendri Wigunah

Startup Founder & Millenial Entrepreneur

InsightLeap is the latest Seattle startup aiming to help Amazon sellers optimize their business – GeekWire

Co-founders of InsightLeap: CEO Rishi Talwar (left) and Chief Technology Officer Hajime Furukawa. (InsightLeap Photo) Growing up in the greater Seattle area with Microsoft practically across the fence from home, technology — and more specifically tech entrepreneurship — was a natural career path for Rishi Talwar. “Ever since I can remember, back to high school,… Continue reading

Koverse co-founders tap NSA expertise to build a platform to solve ‘unsolvable’ tech challenges – GeekWire

Part of the Koverse team. (Koverse Photo) Koverse CEO Jon Matsuo would love to tell you all about the cool ways that his startup is helping the U.S. government, global bio-pharmaceutical companies, global finance organizations and market-leading analyst firms use their super-charged database platform to advance their work or businesses. But for right now, he… Continue reading

With millions in funding and a U.S. expansion in the works, Deako’s ‘plug-and-play’ smart lighting casts a bright future – GeekWire

Deako co-founder and CEO Derek Richardson makes his pitch alongside GeekWire’s John Cook at the 2017 GeekWire Summit, Oct. 11, 2017. (Photo by Dan DeLong for GeekWire) With $15 million in funding  and a “laser focus” on customers, Deako is ready for serious growth in the smart lighting market. “We’re just rapidly scaling the business now,” said… Continue reading

The lucky calls and unique ideas that put startup Grunka Munka Games on a path to success – GeekWire

The Grunka Munka team, from left to right: Ray Aflakian, marketing and producer; Adrian Chavez, formerly art and FX; Connor Adam, artificial intelligence and programming; Andrew Ward, CEO, co-founder, design and executive producer; Matt VanCompernolle, chief technology officer, co-founder and programming lead; and Tim Tsai, art. Not pictured: Nik Vennard, sound, music and art. (Grunka… Continue reading