Hendri Wigunah

Hendri Wigunah

Startup Founder & Millenial Entrepreneur

Tenta Browser wants the public to reclaim their digital identities through encrypted browsing – GeekWire

Team Tenta Browser. (Tenta Browser Photo) The founders of Seattle startup Tenta Browser want to help banish your digital doppelganger. Or least take control of it. People’s behavior online these days “is not just about sharing your cat videos and family photos. You’re having this long digital shadow,” said Tenta co-founder and CEO Jesse Adams. “People… Continue reading

A beer with a farmer sparks Lonely Produce, a new marketplace that connects farmers to restaurants – GeekWire

Lonely Produce co-founders, left to right: Andrew Clapp, Claire Baron and George Felton. (Lonely Produce Photo) Farm-to-table dining is a powerful movement. But it’s a challenge for local produce growers to get their spinach and peaches onto restaurant menus. A trio of graduates and students of the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business are… Continue reading

InsightLeap is the latest Seattle startup aiming to help Amazon sellers optimize their business – GeekWire

Co-founders of InsightLeap: CEO Rishi Talwar (left) and Chief Technology Officer Hajime Furukawa. (InsightLeap Photo) Growing up in the greater Seattle area with Microsoft practically across the fence from home, technology — and more specifically tech entrepreneurship — was a natural career path for Rishi Talwar. “Ever since I can remember, back to high school,… Continue reading