Hendri Wigunah

Hendri Wigunah

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FTC to examine every acquisition by Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft in 2010-2019 over antitrust issues – TechCrunch

Companies like Apple, Amazon and Google do not always disclose every acquisition they make, especially when the companies in question are little fish in the big tech pond. But in aggregate, all that M&A could pose bigger questions about how they are using their financial power and market influence in anticompetitive ways. That idea is… Continue reading

It’s time for tech startups to get political – TechCrunch

Xiao Wang is CEO at Boundless, a technology startup that has helped thousands of immigrant families apply for marriage green cards and U.S. citizenship while providing affordable access to independent immigration attorneys. More posts by this contributor Work permit delays disrupt foreign workers’ career plans International students face immigration hurdles under Trump Between 2005 and… Continue reading

Learning from the mistakes of the past 10 years – GeekWire

GeekWire Illustration / Time Magazine Covers The arrival of 2020 is a chance to look back on the past decade and what it has meant for the world of technology. Recent security problems with security cameras sum up where we are today: technology designed to protect us has made us vulnerable instead. Pessimism, dread, and… Continue reading