Hendri Wigunah

Hendri Wigunah

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All the high-tech, powerful vehicles TechCrunch reviewed in 2019 – TechCrunch

TechCrunch occasionally reviews cars. Why? Vehicles are some of the most complex, technical consumer electronics available. It’s always been that way. Vehicles, especially those available for the consumer, are the culmination of bleeding-edge advancements in computing, manufacturing, and material sciences. And some can go fast — zoom zoom. Over the past 12 months, we’ve looked… Continue reading

Elon Musk’s Loop vs the Monorail – TechCrunch

The latest bout in Las Vegas is not taking place in a raucous casino boxing ring, but in the hushed rooms of planning committees. The reigning champion, the Las Vegas Monorail, is facing upstart challenger The Boring Company, in a fight to decide the future of Sin City’s urban transportation. In May, the Las Vegas… Continue reading

Inside Tesla’s solar energy astroturfing – TechCrunch

Tesla has been masking its lobbying efforts on solar panels and battery storage through the Energy Freedom Coalition of America, a trade association that is little more than a front for the automaker and alternative energy company, public documents suggest. SolarCity, which Tesla bought in 2016, began the practice of using the EFCA to promote… Continue reading