Hendri Wigunah

Hendri Wigunah

Startup Founder & Millenial Entrepreneur

VCs are just tired – TechCrunch

I was in SF last week and met with more than a dozen VCs over the course of two days. This was post the holidays, post their visits to the ski chalets in Tahoe and the island beaches, and in the smack dab of one of the most important fundraise periods of the year —… Continue reading

Ex-Nike leaders reimagine funeral experience with new startup that simplifies cremation services – GeekWire

Keith Crawford, left, and David Odusanya, co-founders of Solace, a Portland-based company reimagining traditional funeral experiences. (Solace Photo) Entrepreneurs and innovators set out every day to give life to products and services across the tech landscape. A new startup out of Portland is looking to disrupt death. Solace is the creation of Keith Crawford and… Continue reading

23andMe co-founder’s new startup, Precise.ly, brings genomics to India through Narayana partnership – TechCrunch

Precise.ly, the new genomics startup launched by 23andMe co-founder Linda Avey and Aneil Mallavarapu, is taking its spin on direct to consumer personalized genomics to India through a partnership with Naryana Health, one of India’s leading specialty hospital networks. Narayana, a company that operates a network of 24 hospitals serving 2.5 million patients, is one… Continue reading

Smartsheet taps leader for new Sydney office; Payscale adds CMO; Vulcan names CFO; and more – GeekWire

Adrianna Burrows. (PayScale Photo) —Former Microsoft general manager Adrianna Burrows is now chief marketing officer at Seattle-based compensation startup PayScale. Burrows is one of several new executives appointed by new CEO Scott Torrey, who took over from longtime CEO Mike Metzger last year. “This is clearly an incredible time to join PayScale. The company is… Continue reading