Hendri Wigunah

Hendri Wigunah

Startup Founder & Millenial Entrepreneur

Hyperproof raises nearly $3M to help companies maintain data and privacy compliance as remote work and telehealth soar – GeekWire

The Hyperproof team. (Hyperproof Photo) Hyperproof, a Northwest startup that helps companies comply with state and international privacy and data protection laws, has raised nearly $3 million from angel investors. The Bellevue, Wash.-based company launched in 2018 and raised an additional $3 million in an earlier seed round. Hyperproof founder and CEO Craig Unger cautioned… Continue reading

Portland startup ReclaimAI helps users prioritize their work and personal calendars – GeekWire

The ReclaimAI team, from left to right: Ian White, principal software engineer, co-founder Henry Shapiro, and co-founder and CEO Patrick Lightbody. (ReclaimAI Photo) Chances are you’ve asked yourself, likely more than once, the largely rhetorical question: “Where does the time go?” Portland-based startup ReclaimAI wants to give you an answer. Reclaim is building a product… Continue reading

Startup Style-At-Iz helps shoppers create and purchase personalized wardrobes and outfits – GeekWire

Part of the Style-At-Iz team, from left to right: fashion stylist and designer Jessica Singh, co-founder Swati Padmarah Angolkar, and co-founder Ritesh Desai. (Style-At-Iz photo) U.S. clothing sales generate $357 billion in revenue, according to Statistica. But clothes shopping remains an often inefficient and uninformed experience. Online models and in-store mannequins “are limited and most… Continue reading